Policies + Plans - Water/Coastal Impact

Water conservation is important for many reasons including scarcity issues, energy efficiency, and sustainability, among other things. Los Angeles understands that it needs to take better efforts at conserving this resource that is needed for humans to live.  Below are some of the ways and efforts Los Angeles has taken to make better use of water as well as reduce wasteful consumption:

  1. Port of Los Angeles - Water Resources Action Plan
  2. Long Beach Water Department - 2015 Urban Water Management Plan
  3. Palos Verdes Estates - Water Quality and Conservation
  4. LACTMA - Water Plan
  5. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - Integrated Resources Plan
  6. Calleguas Municipal Water District - 2015 Urban Water Management Plan
  7. Central Basin Municipal Water District - Conservation Master Plan
  8. Eastern Municipal Water District - 2016-2018 Triennial Strategic Plan
  9. Eastern Municipal Water District - 2015 Urban Water Management Plan
  10. Foothill Municipal Water District - 2010 Urban Water Management Plan
  11. NRDC - A Clear Blue Future

Please note: LARC is currently updating this list and creating a comprehensive and user-friendly searchable index of climate policies and plans for California, LA County, and the 88 municipalities within LA County.