The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) is a network of local and regional decision-makers ensuring a sustainable Los Angeles County prepared for the impacts of climate change and it is one of six regional collaboratives in California supporting climate change science, policy and planning efforts across sectors. LARC's climate mitigation and adaptation work is driven by cutting edge research on local climate impacts and information management systems. LARC is the sole climate collaborative in the LA region and its network is a cross-section of climate practitioners and decision-makers including academia, cities, LA County, regional agencies, non-profits, and businesses.


  • Recognizing the need for cross-jurisdictional collaboration within the large and diverse LA County region, LARC coordinates climate resiliency efforts with land use, transportation, infrastructure, energy, water, public health, emergency response, and resource management partners.

  • LARC serves as a convening body to ensure consistency of performance, collaboration among decision-makers and practitioners in determining or taking the best course of action for the region, and coordination of climate action efforts to maximize limited resources and optimize outcomes for the LA region as a whole.  This is accomplished through a series of established meetings and events to encourage peer-to-peer knowledge transfer among climate policy makers and practitioners.  

  • Both within its membership and with policy makers in the region at large, LARC facilitates the exchange of information, including cutting-edge and locally relevant climate research initiatives, best practices in policy development, information management systems, and education efforts.


LARC receives logistical support from the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES). LARC is advised by a Leadership Council.

View and download the LARC Governance Policy