The LARC is crafting a county-wide climate action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare the region to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Known as "A Greater L.A.: the Framework for Regional Climate Action and Sustainability," this effort is a multi-year process to integrate numerous county-wide and jurisdiction specific efforts with best practices and model ordinances that ensure a resilient and vibrant future for our communities.


Los Angeles County is a megalopolis of international economic importance with over 10 million diverse people, 88 cities, and over 1,200 special districts. Climate change does not respect political boundaries, and reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) requires a cross-jurisdictional approach to ensure community-wide reductions. This is especially true in Southern California, where vehicular emissions may take place in dozens of cities over the course of a single commute, or where numerous adjacent communities share increased fire risk. A Greater L.A. is designed to transcend jurisdictional boundaries and engender a regional approach to a regional challenge.

A Greater L.A. will leverage research and regional capacity to create a consensus-based, actionable plan for combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Greater Los Angeles, helping guide local governments take action to becoming more sustainable cities. 

A Greater LA framework will:

  • Provide strategies to mitigate the emission of climate change-causing greenhouse gases
  • Assess the impacts of climate change and outline adaptation measures to undertake, and
  • Outline a path towards sustainable economic growth for communities throughout Greater L.A.

LARC has been tasked by cities, the County of LA, and agencies with coordinating regional climate action and sustainability strategies for Los Angeles County. These local governments have all endorsed the LARC Charter that establishes this Collaborative as the mechanism for regional climate action. As a result, the production of the Framework will serve as the guiding strategy for sustainability for Los Angeles County.


To complete this work, the LARC (under the direction of Metro) has received a Strategic Growth Council Grant.  



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