Policies + Plans - City Sustainability

Reducing waste and becoming more efficient are only two ways at improving the sustainability efforts of a society.  Los Angeles is working at becoming as a whole a more sustainable region, hopefully setting an example for others to follow.  Below are just some of the many ways Los Angeles and the many entities that together make up the region as a whole are working at become more sustainable

  1. Santa Monica - Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan
  2. City of Los Angeles - Environmental Affairs Department- EnvironmentLA
  3. LADWP Environmental Documentation
  4. Burbank - City of Burbank Sustainability Action Plan
  5. Calabasas - Going Green in Calabasas
  6. Cerritos - Green Cerritos
  7. Claremont - Sustainable City Plan
  8. Claremont - Annual Sustainability Report Cards
  9. Duarte - Green Programs
  10. El Segundo - Environmental Work Plan
  11. Huntington Park - City of Huntington Park Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
  12. La Mirada - GoGreen
  13. Malibu - Environmental Programs
  14. Pasadena - City of Pasadena Green Action Plan 2010
  15. Pasadena - City of Pasadena Green Indicator Report 2009
  16. Redondo Beach - Environmental Programs
  17. Rolling Hills Estates - Greener Path
  18. Santa Monica - Sustainable City Report Card
  19. South Pasadena - Think Green
  20. Vernon - Green Vernon
  21. West Hollywood - General and Climate Action Plans
  22. Westlake Village - Green City
  23. LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACTMA) - Baseline Sustainability Report

Please note: LARC is currently updating this list and creating a comprehensive and user-friendly searchable index of climate policies and plans for California, LA County, and the 88 municipalities within LA County.