Policies + Plans - Other

There is no set way at becoming more environmentally aware and utilizing knowledge to make better decisions about growing and living in the modern World.  Los Angeles hopes to become a pioneer in becoming a region known for it sustainable, efficient, and low waste blueprint incorporated into multiple aspects of life.  Below are some of the things that show Los Angeles cares:

  1. Governor's Office of Planning & Research- Publications
  2. Attorney General's Office- Additional Resources
  3. Santa Monica- Printed Materials Section
  4. Manhattan Beach- Environmental Programs
  5. Calabasas- Calabasas General Plan & Environmental Documents
  6. Green LA Coalition- Resources- Documents
  7. Environmental Defense Fund- Our Work
  8. Global Green- Publications
  9. Heal the Bay- 20th Annual Beach Report Card
  10. UCLA Luskin Center- Publications
  11. UCLA Luskin Center-Director's Report
  12. UCLA Luskin Center-Resources for Policymakers
  13. Developing Adaptive Policy to Climate Disturbance in Santa Barbara County
  14. PRBO Conservation Science Decision Support Tool
  15. Fire and Sustainability:  Considerations for California’s Altered Future Climate
  16. Protecting Climate Refugia Areas: The Case of the Gaviota Coast in Southern California 

Please note: LARC is currently updating this list and creating a comprehensive and user-friendly searchable index of climate policies and plans for California, LA County, and the 88 municipalities within LA County.