Policies + Plans - Environmental Justice

AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC) Recommendations - California Air Resources Board
Air Pollution and Environmental Justice: Integrating Indicators of Cumulative Impact and Socio-Economic Vulnerability into Regulatory Decision-Making
California Environmental Justice Alliance 2015-2018 Strategic Plan
Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) Annual Report 2014
Characterizing the Range of Children's Pollutant Exposure During School Bus Commutes, 2003
Clean Up Green Up Ordinance, 2016
Environmental Justice Policy California Resources Agency
EPA Policy on Environmental Justice for Working with Federally Recognized Tribes and Indigenous Peoples
Opportunities for Environmental Justice in California Agency by Agency, 2003
Policies and Actions for Environmental Justice CALEPA Air Resources Board, 2001
Plan EJ 2014, EPA
SB-1000 Land use: General Plans: Safety and Environmental Justice
The Struggle for Water Justice in California’s San Joaquin Valley: A Focus on Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities, 2018
Traffic Pollution and Children’s Health: Refining estimates of exposure for the East Bay Children’s Respiratory Health Study, 2008
Update and Statewide Expansion of the Environmental Justice Screening Method (EJSM) 
US EPA Region 9 2015 Action Plan To Address Environmental Justice (EJ)

Please note: LARC is currently updating this list and creating a comprehensive and user-friendly searchable index of climate policies and plans for California, LA County, and the 88 municipalities within LA County.