What: A practical and place-based resource to support effective climate action in Los Angeles.


The Framework synthesizes the mass of information on climate change science, mandated State policies and potential actions in a clear and concise way so that local practitioners can make wise choices and investments most appropriate for their specific community and collectively for Los Angeles as a whole.

The Framework contains:

  • A guidebook to climate science for local government practitioners, with particular emphasis on how climate change will impact Los Angeles

  • A summary of the Federal, State and Local policy mandates that clearly outlines what local actors are required to do, and what they are not required to do.

  • An analysis of current greenhouse gas emissions- where they come from, who’s producing how much and a list of priority actions to reduce emissions based on level of impact, cost effectiveness and local benefit

  • Identification of regionally specific priorities to maximize resilience, assessment of target actions to achieve these priorities and description and analysis of the best strategies for implementing these actions.

Why: To minimize the burden of legal mandates, while maximizing the effectiveness of action across this diverse region.

While local governments across Los Angeles are leading actors in the fight against climate change, many remain confused about what is required of them and what isn’t.  Many see a tension in trying to undertake climate action planning, when budgets and schedules are already stretched too thin.  By providing clear information and analysis, the Framework aims to improve and streamline decision-making.  The Framework will cut through the clutter of information out there and clarify the most important priority actions the region should take and how these efforts can actually assist, rather than detract from, on-going efforts.


Who: By Practitioners for Practitioners

The Framework is a project of the Los Angeles Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC).  LARC is made up from diverse stakeholders from across the region, who guide and inform every step of the project to ensure the end product is both useful and used.  LARC collaborates with the best researchers in the region to ensure the science and information that backs up our work is robust, accurate and relevant.  LARC staff who write the Framework have a background in urban planning, climate change, transportation and energy.  We live in Los Angeles, love Los Angeles and are committed to making a product that works for this beautiful and diverse region. 

Many Actions & One Achievement

Climate planning and action is happening throughout the LA region, from academics and researchers, to municipalities and regional agencies. The Framework will unite the work of these individual entities into one landscape, building a resource for decision-makers and practitioners in the region, to help them mitigate the causes of climate change and prepare for its impacts, and - ultimately - creating a resilient LA.

Utilizing the most up-to-date climate science, showcasing current climate action work, facilitating cross-sectoral partnerships, and developing dynamic communication materials and practitioner tools, the Framework is actively moving greater LA towards climate resilience.

Los Angeles County is a megalopolis of international economic importance with over 10 million diverse people, 88 cities, and over 1,200 special districts. Climate change does not respect political boundaries, and reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs) requires a cross-jurisdictional approach to ensure community-wide reductions. This is especially true in Southern California, where vehicular emissions may take place in dozens of cities over the course of a single commute, or where numerous adjacent communities share increased fire risk. A Greater L.A. is designed to transcend jurisdictional boundaries and engender a regional approach to a regional challenge.

Framework Components

The Framework includes coordination between many projects. The process of producing the Framework is key to its success. This Framework will involve the development of a cross-jurisdictional, action-oriented, pragmatic, innovative, inclusive, and successful Regional Framework. By providing best practices and coordination for the entire County, this Plan will also allow economically disadvantaged communities to benefit from coordinated planning, inclusion in strategy and Plan development, and reinvestment in order to meet the Plan’s sustainable community goals. To learn more about projects included in the Framework, view the Projects + Initiatives page. 

View the framework fact sheet here.

Project Funding & Partners

LARC, in consultation with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency(Metro), received funds through the Strategic Growth Council Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentives Program to perform this regional climate action work.


The work upon which this publication is based was funded in whole or in part through a grant awarded by the Strategic Growth Council. The statements and conclusions of this report are those of the Grantee and/or Subcontractor and not necessarily those of the Strategic Growth Council or of the Department of Conservation, or its employees.  The Strategic Growth Council and the Department of Conservation make no warranties, express or implied, and assume no liability for the information contained in the succeeding text.