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Small Businesses: Make Your Property Energy Efficient While Protecting Your Cash Flow!

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A panel of investment and energy experts will explore emerging financing products and program models for commercial energy efficiency projects, with a focus on the small and medium-sized commercial building sector.

Speakers will give their perspectives on specific tools or approaches available to business owners to address and overcome barriers to implementing energy efficiency projects. Market research shows that businesses that improve energy use have higher employee productivity, attendance rates and credibility with their customers. Ample time will be set for questions and group discussion.

Specific Topics

  • Leveraging the Investor Confidence Project as a standardized approach to developing Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) projects
  • New changes to PG&E’s On-bill Financing Program
  • The current state of commercial PACE, and new micro-finance offerings

Panel of Experts

  • Matt Golden, Investor Confidence Project (ICP)
  • Noah Proser, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • Richard Chien, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Clean Energy Financing Advisory Council (CEFAC) events are for energy improvement contractors, local government staff, lending institution reps, financial experts, real estate professionals and others interested in cross-sector collaboration.

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CEFAC is focused on enhancing awareness of innovative energy project financing to help stimulate the California clean energy marketplace.

CEFAC is facilitated by the Center for Sustainable Energy through a partnership with Energy Upgrade California® and the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative.